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Wales Karate (Federation)


Wales Karate Federation is the ONLY Governing Body for Karate in Wales, that affords it's Membership, the opportunity to attend ANY & ALL Events & Courses, without restriction. Making it the only Karate GB, with an unbiased view, towards its Members wishes and direction.
As a totally Independent organisation, it does NOT discriminate between WKF, WUKF, WUKO, WKC, IKU, UWK or any other type of Competition and positively encourages its Membership to attend whatever it chooses. Without current World affiliation, it breaches no Statutes, that might otherwise adversely affect invitation, to or from other organisations.
Wales Karate Federation is committed, to delivering Leadership & Governance, to its Members  and for its Members. New Membership is actively encouraged. We offer a definitive & Inclusive Policy, for all styles, ages & abilities.
As a National Governing Body for Karate in Wales, WKF offers Accreditation for Coaches & Officials, Licencing, Insurance, Promotion, Squad Training, Competition & Courses. We have highly experienced and responsible personnel in all areas, promoting the advancement, enhancement & well-being of Karate in Wales.

In addition to this, our skilled Staff can assist in all aspects of Management, Child Protection, Coach Development, Accident and Incident Prevention, helping to make those decisions, that will create the correct approach & outcome.

GDPR Compliance can be a minefield for many Clubs & Associations. Our Coach Education System and comprehensive guidelines, can help guide you around, through or over it.

Wales Karate Federation regards its Members, as its most valuable asset.
 It represents both Traditional & Sport Karate. Preferring Leadership to Dictatorship and Advancement to Stagnation. 

Many Organisations may project themselves as a Governing Body, but do not offer the fundamental process of Governance, simply offering Courses and Competition. When problems arise, they are deficient in their abilities.

The WKF is a friendly organisation, offering everyone in Membership, the opportunity for progress, without interference. Helping everyone grow, in peace and tranquility.  

Join us and create an organisation, everyone will be proud to be part of. 
Contact the WKF Administration Office. Our Team is eager to assist you.
Your contact will be strictly confidential.

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