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 For further information on Affiliation, please contact our Administration Office:

 Affiliated Members
Wales Karate Federation has a growing number of Associations in Membership, covering a variety of Styles, including Wado Ryu, Shotokan, Shito Ryu/Shukokai, Freestyle, Goju Ryu, Kyokushin and more recently Kenpo. 
The Founding Members:
Welsh Karate Kai                                                           Chief Instructor Paul Scott (7th Dan)
United Sport Karate Organisation                        Chief Instructor Jon Robbins (7th Dan)   
2018 - 19, has seen a considerable increase in Affiliation & Membership, showing continuing disharmony and a distinct shift from existing established organisations. WKF welcomes these moves and promises not to advertise them, until after the celebration of their 1st Anniversary.

However, Wales Karate Federation is not really interested in the Political upheavals, other organisations embroil themselves in. We prefer the peace & harmony of likeminded individuals and groups, moving forward in positivity.
New Associations can be assured of our discretion, whilst negotiating their resignations and moves from other failing bodies. WKF does not feel the need to advertise fictional Members or Groups, nor create the impression of enlarged numbers, by sub-dividing its existing Members. Nor will we inflate the numbers of our growing Membership, to indicate or summise a larger group.

WKF will not encourage the reduction or "watering down" of Heads of Association, by accepting low grade, or inexperienced Chief Instructors into Membership. We do not accept Single Clubs, onto our blossoming list of Members. However, we will assist new Members with a legitimate "time-served" lineage, to become strong leaders of their own Groups.
For a comprehensive list of our Membership, please contact Administration.
*Associations currently going through the application process will not appear here*
*Associations not wishing to be listed yet, will not appear here*
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