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 Squad Training Criteria:

WKF Licenced
Chief Instructors permission
All ages (from 8yrs)
Graded 7th Kyu +
Kumite Protection

Training Fee £5

Squad Training & Camps

Kumite Squad Training - North Wales - October 2014
A great session with Members from South & North Wales. The Venue was the Llandudno Karate Association Dojo and was well attended. 

The WKF Coaches in attendance were Paul Scott & Robbie Scott.

The next arranged Squad Training session will be 29th November in Cardiff, where selection for next years (2015) International events will take place. Associations are advised to attend as many Competitions as possible, to maintain their "Mat Time" and extend their experience. 

WKF will be hosting their 1st "Open" Championships before the end of the year. Attendance at this event will be a criteria for selection. All athletes are advised to take part. Association Chief Instructors will hand out information closer to the time. The WKF Coaches will use this event to evaluate athletes performances, in preparation for selection. All Association Coaches should track their athletes progress in Competition (Statistic Sheets).

Squad Training - South Wales - June 2014

Excellent turnout, with almost 70 Members taking part. On one of the hottest days we've had for some time, the consensus was, that it was a great occasion. Well Done Everyone!

Information & Overview:
Wales Karate Federation Squad Training, will be in both Disciplines, Kata & Kumite.
Élite methods of training will be implemented, therefore Associations are requested to include their best athletes.

However, in an atmosphere of "Positive Grass Root" development, all Students, whether experienced or not, are welcomed.

The session are open to all ages (from 8yrs), to cater for the development of Junior Athletes and inclusion of Veterans. The Grade range will be from 6th Kyu upwards.

Athletes MUST be forwarded by their Chief Instructors and should ensure valid Licences are produced at each session. All Kumite practitioners MUST wear full protection (Élite WKF Styled Mitts & Shin/Foot Protectors, Gum-shields, Chest Guards & Groin Guards).

Kumite Squads will be divided into Junior & Senior Groups.

Registration will normally take place at 9.30 a.m. for 10.00 a.m. start. All athletes should make sure they are available for those times. Sessions will be of 2 hours duration and costs are £5 per individual in either, or each, discipline.

Instructors & Parents are welcome to spectate at the sessions, but the Coaches request no interference whilst training is in operation. This includes the use of Mobile Phones, Tablets etc.. Drinks should be brought to each session, but should remain with the athletes bags, away from the Tatami, to prevent spillage.

Selection of Athletes to represent Wales Karate Federation at High Profile & International events, will have a strict criteria that MUST be adhered to. That criteria will be available to all athletes that train regularly with the Wales Karate Federation Squad and on the WKF Website as a download.

There will be a minimum of 4 Squad sessions made available annually. These will be made available throughout Wales, to encourage participation & travel. Following selection, the Coaches may request further "Preparation Training" for the planned event. All selected Members will be required to take part. Non-selected Members that show distinct promise, may also be encouraged to take part in these further sessions, as part of the development of the Squad. These development sessions will be held in Swansea at our Headquarters Dojo.

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