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Kumite Coach Accreditation
(Tatami Coach)
Wales Karate Federation will run Training Courses to enable the smooth running of it's Competitions. These will be WKF Certificated Qualifications leading to International accredited events. Associations are encouraged to forward their candidates.

WKF Kumite Coach (Tatami) qualification will be run within the WKF Refereeing system. Tatami Accreditation is a requirement for most UK based events, so WKF Certification is made available to all its Coaches.

Great turnout on our earlier Course, 
with 9 WKF Members gaining qualifications.

The next Course will be held at WKF Headquarters in Swansea.
Saturday 11th January 2020 9.00 - 4.00 p.m.
Registration is required in advance.
The cost of these Courses are 15

All WKF Coaches will be required to attend regular Training on WKF Rules & Regulations and are expected to maintain their qualification with regular attendance at WKF Competition.

The WKF Chief Referee & Assistant will Database all qualifying individuals for inclusion in Regional, National & International Competition. As with ALL WKF qualifications, they will have a 2/3 year expiry or "Shelf Life".

Tatami Coaches will be encouraged to attend regular training Courses and appropriate Competition events to maintain the standard of their performances and keep up-to-date on changes in Rules & Regulations.

Opportunities for advancement will be dependent on competence and performance. There will be NO restriction on any individual that shows promise. Candidates will NOT receive bias as a result of Gender, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Disability or Age.

The WKF Chief Referee will encourage Association Courses & Competitions, that qualify Wales Karate Federation Tatami Coaches.

ALL Courses will be run in an environment that is friendly and encouraging, in the hope that ALL Associations will forward candidates to qualify.
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