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   WKF Structure
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Wales Karate Federation, like many organisations, has an operational structure utilising a "Pyramid Style" tiered system. Where the Members (Associations) create the base or foundation and each subsequent organisation layer, is added to it.

Hierarchical systems, have a proven working structure, but historically poor reputations. However, with modern methods, they can adapt quickly to change.

As history proves, any system can lead to the abuse of power. They can become controlled by individuals or an individual, whose purpose is NOT for the betterment of all. Wales Karate Federation is adamant not to repeat those flaws and has additional security, that will protect its structure and Karate in Wales, from the previous negative influences and subsequently enhance Welsh Karate's  future.

However, representation is dependent on Membership. Wales Karate Federation insists that all Licence holders of it's Member Associations, are registered, insured and subsequently affiliated. Associations wishing to take advantage of WKF's facilities, but only licencing a portion of its Members, will not be permitted to remain in Membership and will be removed.

Our Members Data is never shared with 3rd Parties.
Data is kept securely on a system with no Internet Access.
Access to Data is strictly controlled.
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